Black #104

Route #140

2023-09-17 · SBP Poplar

This is not an image of the route; it's where the route was yesterday when I cleared it but forgot to take a picture. RIP :(((((((

Had binned this one as "hard" due to attempts that I'd seen from others and discussion with friends; had poked at it previously, but got thrown off by the inside of the second right-hand hold, which has a tiny hold inside it that has an annoying bolt placement. Tried again today, and struggled to get to the middle. Watched someone clear it and saw them use their left hand on the hold right after that so that they could cross their right to the next. Tried that, but kept falling until I figured out that I could left-heel hook at that point to have much better stability on the right-hand grab. Then was able to clear it! The person I was chatting with was cheering me on, which felt nice. :-) The rest of the route is somewhat straightforward, but does take some looking around and planning, and definitely takes strength. Fun, and good learning experiences; glad I persevered here.

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