This is my climbing journal. I catalogue routes that I complete at V4 difficulty or above.

Most of my routes are at Seattle Bouldering Project, which has the following fuzzy color scale:

  • Black: V4–V6
  • Blue: V5–V7
  • Pink: V6–V8
  • White: V8 and above

(Routes from lower colors can be V4+, but I only include routes here that are sure to be in these ranges.)

This site is for my data collection, enjoyment, and sharing with friends. May you enjoy it as well.

Fall 2023

Summer 2023

Out of town for the back half of June and ramped back up slowly in July, with a fairly absent August due to illness. Highlights: extremely proud of multi-week blue project in #99; passed 100 black+ climbs; second pink (#117); nearly doubled blue count from 11 to 20.

Spring 2023

Packed season; visited SBP twenty times in May. Highlights: fun mountain-goat traversal blue (#73); brutally precise black project (#78); fun and interesting black (#88); difficult and satisfying project (#90); heroic progression on blue with a friendly stranger (#98).