This is my climbing journal. I catalogue routes that I complete at V4 difficulty or above.

Most of my routes are at Seattle Bouldering Project, which has the following fuzzy color scale:

  • Black: V4–V6
  • Blue: V5–V7
  • Pink: V6–V8
  • White: V8 and above

(Routes from lower colors can be V4+, but I only include routes here that are sure to be in these ranges.)

This site is for my data collection, enjoyment, and sharing with friends. May you enjoy it as well.

Spring 2024

Winter 2023–2024

Climbing a lot less these few months, partially due to lower overall energy and partly due to increased yoga and skating. (Only 9, 8, and 6 sessions per month respectively.) No new pinks, but quite proud of Blue #31 and Blue #35 this season nonetheless!

Fall 2023

Out of town for the back half of September. Boulderfest was November 4th (and this journal does not include routes that I first climbed during the competition); I placed in the top one-sixth of the intermediate division, which I'm proud of. Especially proud of Pink #4 and Blue #25 this season.

Summer 2023

Out of town for the back half of June and ramped back up slowly in July, with a fairly absent August due to illness. Highlights: extremely proud of multi-week blue project in #99; passed 100 black+ climbs; second pink (#117); nearly doubled blue count from 11 to 20.

Spring 2023

Packed season; visited SBP twenty times in May. Highlights: fun mountain-goat traversal blue (#73); brutally precise black project (#78); fun and interesting black (#88); difficult and satisfying project (#90); heroic progression on blue with a friendly stranger (#98).

Winter 2022–2023

Fall 2022

Busy season for me outside of the gym: lots of work throughout September, then decompressing after that. Energy was scarce.

Summer 2022

Was in New York for most of June, visiting Vital Brooklyn every other day or so and climbing a fair proportion of those days. "Reds" are V4–V5; "oranges" are V2–V3. I wish there were more overlap; routes and grading seem more interesting and inviting at SBP. Starting to get more blues: #37 (Blue #2) felt confusingly easy, but #43 (Blue #3) was really fun and worth being proud of.

Spring 2022

(See description of Summer 2022 for explanation of the Vital red routes.)

Winter 2021–2022

Highlights: first blue! Really only December; I went five times in January (but no new blacks) and not at all in Feburary (out of town almost the whole month).

Summer and Fall 2021

Highlights: first black, and started climbing! My first three black clears I actually don't have pictures of; there were two in August and one on September 20.