Blue #26

Route #166

2023-11-17 · SBP Poplar

I tried this on three different days but only over four or so attempts total; on Friday, I was walking out of the gym, spotted it, decided to try it again, and got it.

I think the start and middle of this one are the hardest. I start with my right foot on the hold and my left foot flagging just below the volume; it took me a while to get a feel for establishing. The lower start hold is fun. The inner nestled hold might be best used while leaning right, but it's not too bad if you just grab it (pulling straight out from the wall) and then the hold around it. The top lip of the wall is at an accommodating angle here (roughly 90°), so once you manage to wildly grab to the top, it's pretty manageable to top out with the holds provided.

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