Blue #37

Route #207

2024-03-12 · SBP Poplar

I think you're supposed to get a running jump on the volumes, though I can just step up, hold the initial hold statically, then tuck up my knees to the small tetrahedral volume.

The middle and end are fairly tricky for me. The last three holds feel exactly how I expected them to, and I was able to hang off them leaning left fairly stably, but moving right felt difficult. At this point, I had my left foot on the lowest blue bubble; shorter people were able to raise that foot up one hold, but I don't think that works for my body mechanics very well. On my initial clear, I had my right hand on the antepenult and reached over it with my left to the penult, which I was able to treat almost as a pinch for more grip before crossing again to the finish with my right hand. On a subsequent clear trying different strategies, I was able to start that sequence with my right hand, too.

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