Black #57

Route #78

2023-04-20 · SBP Poplar

(The hold below-right of the obvious start hold also has start tape.) Projected this one from April 3 to April 20, which I'm proud of in and of itself: I'm trying to persevere more on routes that I don't get immediately. Got some progress while climbing with a friend on April 18: with good enough grip on the top-right volume hold, you can pull down on it and get the big hold enough to have left hand palm down, elbow up. Then, if you get really well balanced and close to the wall, you can move to the finish under good control. Otherwise, you can dyno it, which is pretty precise: it's easy to fall backward.

Strategy (holds numbered 1–8 from bottom to top, so start holds are 3 and 4 and the chonker is 6): start with right foot on 1 and establish to left foot on 2, then match hands on 4 into grabbing for 6 with RH, then match hands on 6.

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