Black #108

Route #144

2023-10-09 · SBP Poplar

Tried this one in early September and found it really difficult. That big chonker hold is not accommodating, and honestly just feels like a trap. I'm not sure if all the blocky volumes at right were there, though. It felt easier this time. Kind of a cool climb.

To start, you need to get your left hand in the pocket, which I do by starting with right hand and then switching (not super easy, but feels easier than grabbing up with left hand directly). Then, pull yourself up and go straight to the back side of the scrunkly hold. It is not accommodating, either! but you can make it work. Lay with your back against the blocky volumes and switch your left foot to be on the tiny hold on the lower volume. Then, inch up, grab the top-right little guy, and try to pivot right onto the blocky volumes, grabbing around them if necessary. This feels super sketch to me (not in a safety way, just a control way). Finally, once stable, grab up to the left and right corners of the volume with the finish hold. Once you get your right hand on the finish hold, you can kind of just hang there and move your left hand to it at will.

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