Black #113

Route #151

2023-10-29 · SBP Poplar

Worked on this a bit on Wednesday the 25th, amid watching some other people with varying degrees of success. I love the crimps at the start, but struggled to get up to the top-left hold: when I have feet established on the two nubs, it feels like my center of balance is too low and I struggle to get up to the next hold without falling off the wall. In particular, my both my feet were pointing left, and my right knee was very bent as if to do a pistol squat (but that didn't feel like the right move, or I couldn't commit to it). It felt like part of the trick was switching my right foot to be pointing right. The second half of the climb also isn't super easy, and I failed it in isolation a few times, but thankfully I managed to clear it once I got there in a real attempt.

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