Black #121

Route #160

2023-11-07 · SBP Poplar

This route was up for Boulderfest, but I strategically avoided it because it looked hard. I think that was probably a good choice! The start is quite nice; there's definitely only one crux move, and it's getting to the top-left crimp. Workshopped with a friend a bit. I've seen a few successful approaches.

Part of the problem is that that ridge is really far out from the wall, so if you start from there, you have a long way to go and are quickly falling away. One approach is to just do that dynamically and send it. A different approach is to mostly ignore the top-right ridge and try to get your weight as far left as possible, dropping your right leg rather than standing on the lower right sloper, then statically grabbing to the crimp. The advantage here is that you can get much closer to the wall since you don't have to be holding on to the ridge. Took me maybe a half dozen tries, but I rather like it now.

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