Black #130

Route #175

2023-12-11 · SBP Poplar

Interesting, difficult downstairs corner route. Some people have trouble with the start (which you approach from the far left, leaning back), but I find it okay, maybe due to height. The hold on the top-right of the big volume—the penultimate hold, in fact—is really bad at the angles that you need. I can with some effort get to that hold and get my feet to various positions near it (notably a frog-like pose with knees splayed outward), but the finish hold feels so far away!

What ended up working for me was to try to stand up some and actually brace against the top corner wall. You can do this somewhat with your left hand to stabilize, and then stand more and use more of your shoulder. Eventually I was able to get high enough and rightward enough that I could reach to the finish hold and use that grip to get the rest of the way (it's not great, but it's enough). I would love to see other people's approaches!

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