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Blue #18

Route #122

2023-08-09 · SBP Fremont

The end is a breeze, once you're established on the antepenult (what would you call that hold??). But the start is tricky, getting up onto the hyperboloid! When facing out, jamming your right hip into it can be pretty useful. Once you're up and turned around and grabbing the pinch above it, left hand to the antepenult and shimmy down a bit before grabbing with the other hand. You will barndoor; gotta hold it and damp back when you hit the hyperboloid with your feet, then re-establish and finish up.

My first clear was technically not a legit start; I started with right hand on the right start hold and left hand in the air as I pushed off to grab back with left hand onto the hyperboloid. But I'd done that part legitimately multiple times before, and on a subsequent attempt I legitimately did the start and up through being established turned around on the hyperboloid.

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