Blue #24

Route #154

2023-11-02 · SBP Fremont

Had to ask for help regarding which holds are blue; it helped to hear "they're all the same shape". (The ridgy crescent moon kinda thing.) Got a little more help on the wall from someone shouting "go left!" when I was halfway through and couldn't see the finish hold. That's what I get for not scouting. :-) But the group of new friends down below was very kind in cheering me on and applauding my clear.

The start is moderately strenuous, but it's really the last two holds that are the most problematic. They are hard to grip. I found that they were best used by hanging off them, directing most of the force vector downward. At the end, the top-left face of the volume is quite useful—the one that's all blackened from such use.


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