Blue #29

Route #171

2023-12-07 · SBP Poplar

Decently difficult blue for me; I think it needs a little technique and a fair amount of strength/endurance. A friend taught me a pockets trick here: when using fingers 3 and 4 (middle and ring) in a pocket, also "pulling down" with fingers 2 and 5 (index and pinky) will recruit those muscles and strengthen the grip. Even though those fingers aren't actually touching the hold, all the insides are connected. It's super noticeable!

The third pocket is very good, especially in the rightward direction. After grabbing there with left hand, you want to grab right to the lower-right hold on the big volume and work your feet over to the lower-right volume, so that you can grab to the other hold on the big volume with your left hand. Those two holds are both good but a bit taxing and maybe slightly painful. After that, it's mostly a "do you have any strength left?" check for the rest of it.

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