Blue #8

Route #76

2023-04-16 · SBP Poplar

This is probably the first dyno that I've done that's non-trivial in terms of technique. Also somewhat more injurious than most climbs; I rolled my ankle a little bit falling off the tetrahedral volume. Nothing serious, but still.

Got to be part of a rotation of half a dozen people trying this route again and again, and see different people's approaches. For me, intentionally contracting my arm ("slamming the window shut") rather than just swinging like a pendulum made a huge difference. For the second half, lay back on the sloper to facilitate bringing your left heel up to the handhold that you dyno to, then do a kind of dynamic pistol squat to grab the finish hold with your left hand. Now I have four weeks to make it clean! (My dyno was pretty wild, got some crowd "ohhHHH!"s!)

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