Blue #17

Route #118

2023-07-29 · SBP Poplar

One thing I'm proud of here: I figured out before even getting on the wall that I would need to flag left on the start hold to prevent flagpoling. This would have been an easy adjustment to do live, but I'm happy I could see it ahead of time. Technique is fairly straightforward: slap right hand to hold 2 sloper, match with left, then grab the pinch and maneuver up with strength. Get hands to the two lower dualtex holds and stand on hold 2. Then, on my first clear, I just dynoed right hand to the finish, went totally flying, and miraculously managed to slap it with my left and and stabilize. On my second clear a week or so later, I managed to get the last hold statically by carefully grabbing to the lowest portion of it so that it can support you better in the downward direction.

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