Pink #6

Route #203

2024-03-04 · SBP Poplar

Wow, two new pinks on the same day!! Feels huge.

I was walking upstairs right as setting completed here, so was part of the initial batch of people trying it. Two people made great progress, including one success, while I was flummoxed by the very start! The advice I got was roughly "keep trying", which ended up being correct. :-) After getting my right hand around the arête, the start felt okay and I was able to get up to the pinch without trouble. To finish out, I saw one person do a cool knee pinch around the small tetrahedral volume. I was able to just stand up on it and reach the finish with my right hand without too much difficulty. To match with left hand, heel hooking left around the pinch is very helpful, beta which I stole from the first person I saw finish it!

I didn't flash this, but I did complete it on the first attempt in which I got past the very start. Looking forward to repeating this; it doesn't feel especially bound by strength or endurance for me, so I hope to see how smooth I can make it.

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